Isibani Development Partners, a South African-registered NGO, was launched in 2011 to become a leading local technical assistance provider and grants manager for health and social service strengthening in Southern Africa. The positioning of Isibani for this role fills a critical gap within South African civil society to build capacity of local organisations to provide quality and lasting services to the most vulnerable.

Isibani has more than six years’ experience implementing programs focusing on providing prevention, care and support through a comprehensive integrated HIV, TB and Cancer strategies.

Our Work/What we do

Isibani has worked across 7 Provinces in South Africa as well as in other countries including Lesotho, Tanzania, and Swaziland.

Capacity building is at the forefront of our organisational mission. Using a collaborative approach, we develop implementation plans, monitor performance, and build human and institutional capacity of local organizations and government departments to enable them to deliver quality and sustainable services effectively and efficiently.

Our capacity building services are targeted around 4 organisational capacity elements:

» Systems: Monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) systems; and Financial systems: accounting procedures, financial management & internal controls
» Technical: Focused on program (quality) management capacity which is essential for effective service delivery
» Leadership: Focused on organizational governance systems, e.g. board development and training
» Adaptive Capacity: Management practices and external relations and partnerships

Our Approach

Isibani’s approach is towards empowering individuals and organisations by building upon their local knowledge and resources. Our approach is a participatory one, fostering a culture of learning and skills transfer for the organisations. We work in close consultation with our partners to understand their needs and ensure that capacity building is customised and tailored to the organisations culture and developmental stage.

Our Capacity Building is focused on the 4 Approaches:

» Trainings
» Mentoring
» Coaching
» Grants Management

Projects Implemented:

» Strengthening and sustaining community treatment support for HIV and TB program
» Building capacity of community-based organisations in providing care and support through a comprehensive and integrated HIV, TB, diabetes and cancer strategy
» Government Capacity building support with DSD – Organisation and programme quality assessments for 20 DSD funded NPOS in Limpopo
» Prevention of HIV, STIs, Reproductive Health Education program among adolescents in the communities- Swaziland


Isibani works with NGOs, Government departments and private companies by combining our strengths and expertise to improve the health and wellbeing of more men, women, adolescent and children.

Isibani has over the years partnered with NGOs, locally and regionally while supporting them to grow and strengthen their systems.

To learn more about our partners, visit our partner page.


Mr. Saniel Sebothoma

Mr Saniel Madala Sebothoma, a black South African male has a BA (Psychology and Public Administration) University of Zululand 1983 and National Diploma in Human Resources Management, IPM, 1985 – 1988, has more than 30 years of human resource management experience. 

Ms Nandi Siwahla-Madiba

Ms Nandi Siwahla-Madiba, a black south African woman, holds a B Compt honours and a Post Graduate financial management degree. Ms Siwahla-Madiba has previously served as the CFO of Sol Plaatjies and a manager at SARS.  She is currently the owner of About Survival Consulting Agency (ASCA).

Dr. Malega Constance Kganakga

Dr Malega Constance Kganakga, a black South Africa woman, was appointed a non-executive director of Isibani in 2016.  She holds a Phd, MPH and MA Psychology.  Dr Kganakga having worked at Department of Social Development as Chief Directorate (HiV/AIDS) for more than ten years brings a wealth of experience in the social and health sector.  Dr Kganakga is currently an acting CEO of South African National AIDS Council (SANAC).

Our Team:

Ms Violet Baloyi – Executive Director
Ms Baloyi an MBA graduate from MANCOSA, has more than 20 years’ progressively responsible experience in the provision, development and management of public health and social sector programs.


Isibani Executive Management
Isibani Team